Getting started is always the hardest part. For me, this experience was a great instigator in all the best of ways. It provides a space for accountability, encouragement and connection that leads to productivity. Thank you for creating a wonderful community that gets me one giant step closer to being finished and fulfilled. PS Kristin is a phenomenal facilitator!
This community helped me to achieve something I had always wanted to do, and attempted to do many times in the past to no avail, and that’s establishing a daily writing practice. Very grateful to be part of this community.
Paula Braun
Before this experience, I knew that writing was the path I needed to take for self discovery and helping others, but I didn't have discipline around the practice. Write Now and Write Streak have given me the push I needed to actually get the writing done, and the community of writers has enriched my life immeasurably! Not only am I traveling the path, I have beautiful people sharing the journey, and I am grateful.
The combination of a (seemingly simple) 15 minute commitment, seeing the team's check boxes fill day by day, and knowing that we are each working to the same end, provides the motivation and tension to keep up the habit of daily writing and shipping. At the time of this testimonial, I have written 112 consecutive daily posts.
I can come up with hundreds of ways to avoid writing. This experience has completely changed my mindset. It’s about showing up, doing the work, and sharing the experience with people around the world. I do some of my best writing in these sessions because there’s a sense of calm and focus that comes with quietly working within a supportive community.

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